HR Courses

S.No Course Fee (INR) Details
1Brain Writing1100
2Communication Skills1100
4Interpersonal Relations1100
6Problem Solving1100
7Team Building1100
8Time Management1100
9Achievement Orientation1100
10Winning Personality1100

Brain Writing

A design thinking tool enabling the learner to generate ideas within a short span of time and to produce effective results. An activity based training for Managers and Design personnel to induce creativity.

Communication Skills

Course topics: Components of communication. Listening Skills. Body Language. Writing Skills. Telephone Communications. Email Communication. Report Writing. Conversation Management.


Learning Objectives: Define a problem. Differentiate root causes from symptoms. Explain problem solving model. Outline various ways decisions can be made. Use various decision-making tools. Systematically evaluate options. Avoid common decision-making pitfalls.

Interpersonal Relations

Course Topics: Empathy, Smotions, Conflicts, Using right words in conversations, Handshakes, Introductions. Postures.


Course Topics: Meaning of Leadership. Leader and Manager. Rights and Responsibilities of a Leader. Types of Leadership. Mistakes of Leaders. Leading a Team.

Problem Solving

Course Topics: Problem perception. Scientific attitude. Causal Effect. Objectivity. Open Mindedness. Critical Thinking. Discussions, debate and brainstorming. SWOT analysis. Solution decision.

Team Building

Learning Objectives: This course enables the learner to do the following: Appreciate team skills and dynamics. Identify and develop personal skills to become a more effective team member. Establish effective team processes. Improve team communication. Demonstrate skills that help implement effective changes in the workplace.

Time Management

The course will enable you to practice the following. Lock out mental distractions and eliminate bottlenecks that slow you down. Discover ways to maximize your efficiency, such as organizing your workspace and aligning your priorities. Become a productive, energetic person as you manage your activities more effectively, leaving more time to enjoy life.

Achievement Orientation

Achievement Orientation competency is a critical skill for leaders at all levels of organizations with two components emotional self-control and positive outlook. The training will enable one to introspect and fine tune the skills.

Winning Personality

This course is a specialised one for a team of 12 members conducted in house covering various aspects of an individual in an organizational context to work efficienctly and effectively for self-growth and organizational growth.