Management/Business Courses

S.No Course Fee (INR) Details
1Stores Management2500
2Entrepreneur Skills3000
3Thoery of Constraints3000
4Export Management5000
5Lean Accounting5000
6TOC-Fundamentals (TOCICO)12000

Stores Management

Stores function is a critical process in the Supply Chain. The course enables the learner to understand the key roles, effective storekeeping with modern gadgets, modern stores management methods, data analysis to support the management, valuation procedure for financial accounting with examples.

Entrepreneur Skills

The modules are ILO and UNIDO based enabling the entrepreneur to become a global business person with adequate knowledge on modern techniques of digital marketing and essential documentation methods. The course is available in English and Thamizh.

Thoery of Constraints

The participants learn how to improve rapidly, significantly and sustainably the operational and bottom line performance of their company. Understand the principles of the Theory of Constraints / Constraints Management approach applied to production. Know how to boost their Lean Manufacturing program by focusing actions on critical leverage points.

Export Management

All precedures to commence an Export business with explanation on filling forms and other documentation. Overview of the Export market of various products and the trade agreements of Govt of India with other countries are also dealth with.

Lean Accounting

Facilitate the learner to easily understand the accounting methods when Lean system is implemented with sample cases and examples

TOC-Fundamentals (TOCICO)

Preparing you for the TOCICO Fundamentals Examination. Complete system of Theory of constraints are explained with two mock tests and feedback on performance